Tree Care Guide

  •  Watering first 2 weeks after transplant: 
    • Three (3) times per week approximately 15 minutes per watering, with a water hose or until saturated.  Approximately 100 gallons per week.
  • Third Week after transplant and thereafter:
    • Two (2) times per week.  Approximately 100 gallons per week.
  • Over Watering:
    • Over watering can be just as harmful as under watering, it can starve the tree for oxygen and stunt or kill the tree.  If tree is already saturated with water due to heavy rainfall or other means, hold off watering for a few days.
  • Under Watering:
    • Normal rotor sprinklers don’t provide enough water for newly planted trees, if relying on sprinkler use a bubbler or comparable emitter at approximately 100 gallons per week.

If a hot dry summer with a quick run-off let water trickle for several hours.  If the tree is not watered correctly especially when newly planted it will either die or be stunted drastically which will void warranty if tree was guaranteed.

  • Fertilizing:
    • Fertilizing with harsh fast released chemical fertilizer with high nitrogen content can do irreparable damage to tree the first year, as it can burn the roots.  Only use time released organic or synthetic fertilizer; such as Davey Tree, Osmocote, or Miracle Grow.  A root stimulator or Microrizon may be used as it can greatly help promote new growth.

If root ball is disturbed for the first year, such as digging or planting in the root ball this will void warranty.

If trees have an insect infestation, shade tree borers, pine bark beetles, etc.  the owner should call a professional to spray them immediately.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to call us.

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